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Pear me up - Pear Cider
Fresh pear and candy floss create a real pear aroma followed by a semi-sweet palate. Try serving over ice with a wedge of zesty lemon or lime for a distinctively crisp experience.


An Apple a Day - Apple Cider
A great apple sensation on the nose leads to a clean palate showing true apple flavour with fruit tartness and a crunchy acidity. Try really cold for a crisp, cool and refreshing experience. Something different: try an apple cider batter when you deep fry some Flat Head Tails! Extraordinary!!


Berry Nice - Strawberry Cider
Fantastic mix of tart and sweet components with plenty of strawberry flavour. Give this one a Good Sniff before trying and you get a massive hit of strawberry. Put a few mint leaves and a wedge of lime, in a glass for a fresh, zesty experience.


Feel the Passion - Passion Fruit Cider
Highly aromatic with a tropical sweet tart flavour our Passionfruit Cider is created as a semi-still cider. Try a cold glass with ANY dessert dish! You will be amazed!!


Peachy Keen - Peach Cider
Bright, juicy, crisp yet not overly sweet! It delivers a truly unique and flavoursome ripe fuzzy peach taste sensation. Serve in a tall glass over crushed ice for that tropical feeling!


Ginger Ninja - Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Our Ginger Ninja Alcoholic Beer is the perfect thirst quencher! It is refreshing yet not overpowering fused together with all the aromas and spiciness of ginger. Serve over ice with a slice of lemon or lime!!


Not So Sweet - Dry Apple Cider
Our "Not So Sweet" Dry Apple Cider is a change from our original "An Apple A Day" Apple Cider.  Diverse, Delicious and Dry with half the sugar content, It's sure to please.  It's great to enjoy over ice with a wedge of lime!

True Blue - Blueberry Cider
Our True Blue Blueberry Cider is bursting with berry flavours!  The blueberries add a fruity flavour and aroma to this very exciting variety.

There's a Pear in There - Chai Pear Cider

Our "There's a Pear in there" Chai Pear Cider is packed with rich and delicious spices such as cinnamon, star anise and black peppercorns. We are excited to add this exotic blend to our cider collection.


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